This is where you'll find us Voyage by Voyage.

Voyage 1 (part 1)

Gdansk to Hanover Sept 2011
  We arrive in Gdansk to take delivery of our new boat. The adventure begins when we travel into the Baltic Sea. 3 days later we leave the Baltic and enter the German canal system. Our first stop is Berlin but we have only for 24hrs and Victor needs an oil change. We travel down though Germany to Hanover. More

Voyage 1 (part 2)

Hanover to Ramsgate Sept 2011

Leaving Hanover we travel through Germany reaching the Dutch Border. Holland is different. Less industrial and more serene. We stay 3 nights in Northern Holland and Amsterdam before heading into Belgium. Here we visit the medieaval cities of Ghent and Brugge and then onto Neuuwpoort. From Here we attempt to cross the English Channel. Our destination is Ramsgate.  More

Voyage 2  Northern France  Spring 2012

2012 starts with the Channel crossing. From Calais we head into the heart of Northern France. Everything is new for us here, were on our own and learning everyday. Kate is learning how to handle the ropes and I am learning how to handle the Helm. It's all a bit daunting with 3000 ton barges around and nobody speaks a word of                                                          english to us. More

Voyage 3 Eastern France

Summer 2012

Weve been in France 3 months now, the weather is great and we plan our next trip south towards Dijon. We then turn back on ourselves but heading North East

towards the German border and Strasbourg. More