Kate's Poems 

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This cheeky little chappie,
Stopped by the other day.
He saw us from a distance, 
And just had to come our way.
He hopped around the foredeck, 
Then flew up on the mast.
Checking out the scenery,
As we went sailing past.
He came a little closer,
So he could say hello.
Then spread his wings on our wheelhouse,
And tapped on our window.
Thanks guys for the ride,
But now I have to go.
Till we meet again,
Safe journey, Goodbye  and Cheerio !
15th June 2016 at Flogny

Bourgone Canal, France. re photo of Pied Wagtail on our mast

on the River Sôane. 9 May 2016.


16/6/16 Saint Florentine., France. Photo 30/5/15 Pouilly-en-Auxois, summit

of Bourgogne Canal.


My God, I'm just so beautiful,
Just take a look at me.
My wings are so transparent,
And they allow me to be free.
I've spent so long just waiting,
For this moment to arrive. 
My metamorphosis was amazing,
And it's wonderful to feel so alive.
I've spent so long under water,
As a nymph and I know it's true.
My adult life is limited,
Need to decide, what am I going  to do ?
I've only got a few weeks,
To live upon the wing.
I've got to make the most of it
And live life with some Zing.
I'm agile and manoeuvrable,
Can hover and can glide.
Fly forwards and fly backwards,
And sideways.......with some pride.
I can rapidly change direction,
And my speed of my flight, 
But I'm waiting for my mate,
With whom I can unite.
So here I am just waiting,
Sitting out the rain,
The weather has been so awful,
So here I will remain.
My reflection, my reflection
So beautiful, can you  see.
A wonderful construction of nature,
And My god, it's really me !


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The clock 
It is a ticking,
And time is flying by.
Do you ever start to wonder,
Just who and where am I ?
So many things you've done,
And places you have seen,
Could there be just another.....
An unrequited dream ?
A life without the hustle
And bustle  every day
Frustrated by the traffic jams
You've met along the way.
Would you like to take it easy now,
Just sail along and hope
For a more relaxing life.....
What better than afloat!
And then there are the Markets
So colourful and bright,
The veg, the wine, the cheese.............
Will stimulate your appetite.
You'll meet so many people,
Who live the life and know.........
The social life is full,
Of night markets and apéro's.
What is it that you're waiting for ? 
That clock is ticking by,
Take that chance and live that dream,
It's time for you to fly.


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