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  • Roger Brown (Wednesday, February 11 15 12:55 pm GMT)

    Hi Kate and Mark, you very kindly showed us over Victor when we were researching barge options in 2012. We now have our barge and would love to catch up with you both. Where are you now?
    Roger and Alison

  • Alex. and Maud McKinlay (Sunday, October 05 14 10:08 am BST)

    Glimpsed you sponging and burnishing Victor on the Canal du Midi in Toulouse in early September - had a brief chat when you informed us you were heading south to winter in Beziers. A lovely prospect
    - Bon Voyage!

  • Karl Anders Andersson (Wednesday, April 23 14 09:25 pm BST)

    Nice to see your wunderful boat on Canal du medi.
    Thats give us a thought of what we would like to have when we are retaired.
    Welcome to us at Dalslands kanal in Sweden if you go to the north.
    Karl Anders and Gunilla

  • Patsy (Wednesday, January 22 14 07:57 pm GMT)

    Hello!! It's so great to see you guys and to see your website!

    You are living the dream!!

    I'm so very happy for you! The boat looks great and so do you and the pooches! :)

    Lots of love to you both.


  • Russell Wellings (Sunday, January 05 14 10:22 pm GMT)

    Hello Mark and Kate,

    I have read with great interest the contents of your website. Very interesting and informative. For a novice such as myself I would love to hear more on your voyages and whether or not you are "still
    barging" around Europe. I am at a loss as to why you've stopped imparting your exciting voyages. Please update us.

    Best Regards


  • Jan Schepers (Tuesday, December 31 13 02:47 pm GMT)

    Hello Kate and Mark,

    I hope you had a nice christmas and I wish you the best for a happy New Year.
    I have seen in your guestbook, that Jenny and Tony Crabbe are looking for a 65' barge. If they want I can give them some good tips.



  • Dennis & Alison (Friday, November 08 13 09:26 pm GMT)

    Hi Kate & Mark
    We hope this finds you both well and enjoying life.
    It would be good to learn of your latest exploits ...
    Kind thoughts
    Dennis & Alison - New Zealand

  • Jenny and Tony Crabbe (Sunday, September 01 13 02:38 pm BST)

    We are very interested in having a 65 foot barge built and have been to see the demo at Mercia Marina

    Any advice you could give us would be much appreciated

    Jenny and Tony

  • Dolores and Lennart (Monday, August 12 13 12:08 pm BST)

    Tried to see where You were. Take care, all the best

  • Anne Ibbotson (Tuesday, March 12 13 03:32 pm GMT)

    Hi Mark and Kate - not spoken to you since Christmas 2013. Just wondering where you are and what you are doing.

    Love to you both
    Anne and Michael xx

  • Johann Schepers (Wednesday, October 17 12 07:33 am BST)

    Good morning Kate and Mark,
    yesterday evening I come back from England. I brought the dutch barge "Witte Roos" from Leeuwarden/Holland to reading-on-Thames to the Kennet and Thames Marina. There was also laying the "Josefine",
    the same ship as yours and two other Aqualine Boats from the 55 or 60' typ. The "Tartugo" I saw upside Teddington Lock.

    With my best regards


  • Dennis & Alison Dickinson (Sunday, September 30 12 08:04 am BST)

    Hi Mark & Kate - Greetings from sunny New Zealand. We hope you are both well and enjoying life. If you have time we would appreciate an update on your travels. Kind thoughts - Dennis & Alison

  • Jonathan Switzman (Thursday, August 23 12 12:09 am BST)

    Hi Its Carol and Jonathan - we saw you 3000 miles ago when we stopped for a break on our motorcycle trip to the Vosges, Alps and onwards. Your boat and trip is an inspiration. We're still refurbing
    Carol's 1930's ex police station and retirement's still 8 years away for her - so maybe in the future. In the meantime more canal miles for you and more bike miles for us. Bon voyage

  • Sean Damer (Wednesday, April 25 12 03:18 pm BST)

    Hi Mark & Kate - We met briefly when Betty and I came alongside you at the pontoon in Bethune recently. I am now back home in Scotland and dreaming about buying a barge like Victor! Best wishes
    for your trip.


  • Wendy Barnett (Tuesday, February 14 12 12:04 pm GMT)

    Hi Mark and Kate

    Your website is really interesting and it sounds as though you are having a great adventure!

    Look forward to seeing you in a few weeks.


  • Antonia Rogers (Sunday, January 01 12 02:36 pm GMT)

    Hi Mark and Kate
    Thanks for providing a link to this site, we've enjoyed reading your story. Cor, what a journey.
    All the best on your voyages and happy 2012
    Antonia and Paul Rogers

  • Sharon Byrne Fraser (Thursday, December 22 11 06:30 am GMT)

    Wow what an adventure! Have a lovely holiday, always nice to hear from Kate's Mom. How much longer are you touring? I would love to pop in for a day or two. I am at or 512 217 3105 or
    4862 Travis Oaks Drive Marble Falls TX 78654. All well here. Love, Sharon (Byrne Fraser)

  • Johann Schepes (Wednesday, December 21 11 11:55 am GMT)

    Dear Kate, dear Mark,

    the best wishes for a peaceful Christmas und a happy New Year from


  • Karen Woods (Wednesday, December 14 11 07:29 pm GMT)

    Hello Kate & Mark
    Victor looks Fabulous!!
    Mum and Dad (Phyllis & John) said thank you for the lovely card and they hope you both have a lovely Christmas and New Year.
    I will show them how to get on the website when I go up for Christmas so they can take a look at Victor and read about your adventures!
    Love & Best Wishes Karen xxx

  • David Cattlin (Monday, December 05 11 10:09 am GMT)

    Morning Mark and Kate
    Just got your card with web details. Ramsgate looks a nice cosy place to spend the winter but I thought it was going to be the south of France what happened to the oringinal plan? That said the boat
    looks great and well capable of keeping you both warm and more to the point dry. What was the channel crossing like? Anyway it's good to hear from you and hope you both have a good Christmas and New
    year Beat regards David & Lorraine

  • Anita Warren (Monday, November 28 11 09:11 am GMT)

    Hello Mark and Kate
    Wow, how brave are you two!! Your boat looks beautiful and the journey you describe so far, fantastic. It must be a very steep learning curve for you both. Well done for pursuing your dream.
    Love Anita x

  • Anne Ibbotson (Wednesday, November 23 11 01:06 pm GMT)

    Hi Mark and Kate

    Just having a quick look at the website and will catch up with you either by email or phone very soon.

    Take care
    Love to you both
    Anne and Michael xx

  • David McKee (Tuesday, November 22 11 06:16 pm GMT)

    Mark and kate
    A really interesting and informative website. Sally and I send our regards and greetings for the festive season. We will keep in touch with your progress.
    Best wishes


  • Sally (Tuesday, November 22 11 05:52 pm GMT)

    Hello from sunny Saddleworth and welcome back to Britain. What a great adventure you have started? The boat looks fabulous! (Just requires a mast and a couple of sails!) Best wishes to you both and
    happy times ahead.

  • Michele (Monday, November 21 11 10:13 pm GMT)

    Love the pictures and the adventure! Glad you are all safe. The channel crossing sounds difficult and makes me a little nauseated! Have tried to contact you both so now we will use this method or
    your new email. Wish we could have been in Brugge with you. We had such a good time 5 years ago! We are all good. All travel has stopped for IBM until 2012. Kayla goes to state in 2 weeks. Came in
    first overall at sectionals! Deanna is doing much better. Love you both

  • Dennis & Alison Dickinson (Monday, November 21 11 06:51 pm GMT)

    Greetings from sunny New Zealand - thankyou for your e-mail - what a fantastic life you have got. We leave next week for a month in French Polynesia (Tahiti & Marquesa Islands) part of the time
    on a boat Keep in touch - kind thoughts Dennis & Alison Dickinson

  • John & Anne (Monday, November 21 11 05:51 pm GMT)

    Just to let you know we visited.

    We have rented a cottage in Derbyshire for a week over Xmas so that James and Laura & Co can all be with us together.

  • Monique Seitz (Monday, November 21 11 05:39 pm GMT)

    Wishing you many years of enjoying your new home & adventures on the waters !

  • Jane and Mum (Thursday, November 10 11 07:04 pm GMT)

    We are the first guests to spend time with Mark and Kate on Victor. It is brilliant to be here and Victor is just fabulous!!!

  • Samantha (Thursday, November 10 11 06:55 pm GMT)

    Well I think it is LOVELY! And such a smart red sofa! Despite the epic sofa saga it seems it was worth it! Can't wait to come see victor in the flesh! Safe travels dear Uncle and Aunty!

  • Jane (Sunday, November 06 11 04:01 pm GMT)

    Site Ok mark you need more info on your On victor page.