The building of Victor

It all started in May 2010. We had just hired a canal boat for the week and travelled the length of the Langollen canal in Wales. I was well aware of the canal network in Europe and started to look for a boat in Holland and France.

It wasn't long before I realised that buying a used boat could bring with it unforeseen problems so we then decided to view new boats only.

Having viewed a couple of new barges it became known that the best value in a new boat could be had by buying a barge from Poland. This led us to Aqualine Marine a UK company. Go to Aqualine Marine here

Aqualine offered to fly Kate and I to Gdansk. We toured the factory with John Corker the managing director of the factory in Poland. It was an impressive site and a hive of activity with several boats being built to customer order.  We also talked to other satisfied customers and this convinced ourselves to put in our order.

We  had to wait for our build slot but in February 2011 the boat was started. The initial frame was put together followed by the steel panelling a month later. By May 2011 the Hull was ready. A series of carpenters set to work fitting the boat out as well as engineers to fit mechanical and electrical equipment. The Barge was finally completed at the end of August 2011. In total it took 7 months to build.

During the build we had access to a member’s forum that showed the work being carried out in the Factory. A series of pictures from the forum are shown below.