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Delivery of VICTOR

We take delivery in Gdansk and travel into the Baltic Sea before travelling through Germany,Holland and Belgium. We then cross the channel to Ramsgate.

See our Voyages  which features several pictures from this adventure.


France 2012


Its early April and we are anxious to get going. We cross the channel for France and enter the French canal system at Calais. From here we use a major waterway into central France and head east. We eventually end up in Strasbourg on the German border. See Voyages with several pictures for this adventure.





Victor Has recently been fully repainted in Two Pack paint.

We will also refinish stairs and other worn areas to as new condition.

New carpets will also be fitted.   Price when refurbished £245,000


we have had a wonderful 7 years on Victor but we are now ready to move on.

if you are interested in buying Victor please contact me by email

at the following address. mark@onvictor.eu